Tyler Goodwin - personaggio per Black Friday 1 - international run [Terre Spezzate] Gestionale Terre Spezzate


Tyler Goodwin, The resourceful technician - #7

Tyler Goodwin
#7 - The resourceful technician (età 33 or less)

Personaggio de [ character for ] Black Friday 1 - international run - Interpretato da [ played by ]: M. L.

Note del giocatore: [ player's notes ]

Motto: Don't worry, I'll take care of it. As usual.
Gruppo: [ group ] Nipha Scientists
Teaser: Tyler is young, and he isn't afraid of getting his hands dirty. His previous experience as forensics technician in a Police lab taught him his work is important, and that talent really makes all the difference. His experience doesn't come from a PhD in a renowned university; it was earned through years of hard work, perseverance and humility. It's not easy to work for Big Pharma if you're not a big name in scientific research, but Tyler is not the type to give up in front of a hurdle.

Legami: [ Relations ] He wants to prove his worth to Prof. Nash and Prof. Sheridan, yet without being obsessed about it or turning servile. He doesn't like Maybury's attitude, who sometimes he really finds unbearable! He also thinks that Costa Sanchez's quotes and discussions are out of place. Religious speeches belong in a church, and not on the workplace. He immediately liked Emily Poole, the newcomer. He can see that Singh looks down upon him for his thin scholarly background.

Provenienza: [ Origin ] Scientists - Razza: [ race ] - Sesso: [ sex ] maschio - Età del giocatore: [ player's age ] 33 or less - Consigli: [ advices ] Costume rental required - €25, to be paid cash, on site. - Archetipi: [ archetypes ]

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