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Bill Lawrence, The construction workers team leader - #65

Bill Lawrence
#65 - The construction workers team leader (età 30 or more)

Personaggio de [ character for ] Black Friday 1 - international run - Interpretato da [ played by ]: o. h.

Note del giocatore: [ player's notes ]

Motto: My job is my life
Gruppo: [ group ] Seasonal construction workers
Teaser: Hard work is what makes the nation great. This is what Bill Lawrence believes in. He has not always been like this, there was a time of Bill's life made of alcohol, brawls and jail. That time ended when he decided that he would never return behind bars and that he would accomplish something to be proud of. No one dares to question the harsh foreman now.

Legami: [ Relations ] He is Elijah's uncle. He hired John to repay a favor. He gets along well with the rest of the team, although George Harper is a slacker and often needs to be chastened. While in Liberty Town, he earned Greg Colter's respect through hard work, and the respect of his team through his gentle and firm behavior. He attends the prayer group led by Newman.

Provenienza: [ Origin ] Liberty Town Personnel - Razza: [ race ] - Sesso: [ sex ] maschio - Età del giocatore: [ player's age ] 30 or more - Consigli: [ advices ] - Archetipi: [ archetypes ]

Altri membri del gruppo Seasonal construction workers: [ characters in the same group ] Elijah Lawrence (64 ) interpretato da [ played by ] Jose C; John Galt (63 ) interpretato da [ played by ] Martin C; Ralph Stuart (66 ) interpretato da [ played by ] michele b; George Harper (75 ) interpretato da [ played by ] Luca N;