Johnny Gray - personaggio per Black Friday 1 - international run [Terre Spezzate] Gestionale Terre Spezzate


Johnny Gray, The skilled right-hand man - #45

Johnny Gray
#45 - The skilled right-hand man (età 23 or more)

Personaggio de [ character for ] Black Friday 1 - international run - Interpretato da [ played by ]: L. P.

Note del giocatore: [ player's notes ]

Motto: Of course...
Gruppo: [ group ] Workers, Team A
Teaser: Juliet chose him as her right-hand man and he has always proved to be the right man in the right place. Johnny is willful, deft and professional. He looks up to her, yet he is aware of his own value. He knowns nobody is essential, but if someone were, it would be him. Maybe this is the reason why Wyatt looks so envious and pulls all those alpha-dog stunts, even though in the end, they are good friends.

Legami: [ Relations ] He’s flirting with Holly Summer, but at the moment it’s nothing serious. He is Juliet Mitchell's right-hand man and he’s often competing with his good friend Wyatt Cooper. He can’t stand Greg Colter when he says that a team led by a woman can’t be good. He appreciates David Simmons who had the heart to put a woman in command. He hangs around with Gale Campbell when he is in town, despite him being a pretty fussy person for a mining compound.

Provenienza: [ Origin ] Liberty Town Personnel - Razza: [ race ] - Sesso: [ sex ] maschio - Età del giocatore: [ player's age ] 23 or more - Consigli: [ advices ] Costume rental required - €25, to be paid cash, on site. - Archetipi: [ archetypes ]

Altri membri del gruppo Workers, Team A: [ characters in the same group ] Juliet Mitchell (47 ) interpretato da [ played by ] Anne S; Wyatt Cooper (46 ) interpretato da [ played by ] Rory Y; Michael Ross (44 ) interpretato da [ played by ] Simonluca R; Margaret McGee (43 ) ancora in cerca di interprete [ not yet assigned ] ;