Morgan Burton, The company town's security chief #34 [Black Friday 1 - international run]

Morgan Burton
#34 - The company town's security chief

Interpretato da: M. R.

Motto: They say "He who is content with the least..."
Gruppo: Security
Teaser: Morgan has always known she had the skills to be a great detective. She is curious, resolute, she has a well-developed sense of responsibility and duty, and an inclination to ‘do the right thing’. Employed for years by Carbon County Mining Co., her work has been recognized and she got this assignment to Liberty Town as a promotion and an upgrade to new ‘responsibilities'. Truth be told, Morgan isn't very busy in this remote outpost, and she spends the long free hours reading her beloved detective stories, without complaining. After all, keeping her eyes open and being alert, even when everything seems quiet, is part of her nature.

Legami: Surprisingly, she gets along pretty well with her deputy, Darren. Joseph Lane is a nice guy but he got in trouble with Newman and since then she keeps an eye on him. She loves to talk with Cameron Bishop. She seems to like Chris Whitaker as they are both interested in reading. She had an argument with Robin Kowalski: where the hell does he get all that stuff from?

Provenienza: Liberty Town Personnel - Gruppo: Security - Sesso: femmina - Età del giocatore: 25 or more - Consigli: Costume rental required - €25, to be paid cash, on site.

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