Hedgar J. Larner, The team leader with friends in high places #20 [Black Friday 1 - international run]

Hedgar J. Larner
#20 - The team leader with friends in high places

Interpretato da: K. H.

Motto: My luck is my damnation.
Gruppo: FBI Riot Squad
Teaser: H. J. Larner. has always been brilliant, but he never had to prove it. His life has always been largely "steered" by his father, the influential Senator Richard Edmund Larner. The lumbering parent has guided his firstborn towards a striking career as a federal agent, and chose for him the command of a SWAT Operations Unit as a first step. Unfortunately, Jr. apparently finds the job stimulating and seems to have decided to refuse further promotions...

Legami: Hedgar has only recently taken command of the Operations Unit, quickly realizing he's not exactly welcome. Thankfully, at least Paul seems to be friendly towards him. As for the others, he placed Schonberg in the troublemakers' watch list and Martinez in the agents to be groomed. He heard good things about Bubber, even though he doesn't look like a tough guy. Larner Sr. advised him to refer to special agent Manning should any problem arise, but Hedgar has had enough of his father's friends.

Provenienza: Law Enforcement - Gruppo: FBI Riot Squad - Sesso: maschio - Età del giocatore: 35 or less - Consigli: Costume rental required - €55, to be paid cash, on site.

Altri membri del gruppo: FBI Riot Squad Philip Schonberg (19 ) interpretato da FrancescoB; Paul Wellington (18 ) interpretato da Alberto M; Arthur Bubber (17 ) interpretato da Jost L.H; Diego Martinez (16 ) interpretato da SimonB;