Maj. Jack Reed, The Commanding Officer #15 [Black Friday 1 - international run]

Maj. Jack Reed
#15 - The Commanding Officer

Interpretato da: M. L.

Motto: Sine pari ("without equals")
Gruppo: Delta Force Operators
Teaser: At the age of 21 Jack Reed had come within an inch from getting married but he chose to serve his country instead, and joined the US Army. His high intellectual scores made him a strong candidate for a staff assignment but his dislike for 'dandies with their ass welded to a chair' compelled him to seek an operational assignment, in no less than the Delta Force. His impeccable service record has only one spot, from his point of view: that he could not take part in operation 'Rising Star'.

Legami: He picked his old friend Nathan White for his team, even though other officers disagreed with this choice. He was forced to take up sgt. O'Neill against his will, as he holds that a woman is evidently not suitable for operational duties. He considers Sgt. 1st Class Conneway a real tough guy, a safe bet for the team, while Lt. Pitman is a rookie that needs field testing.

Provenienza: Law Enforcement - Gruppo: Delta Force Operators - Sesso: maschio - Età del giocatore: 30 or more - Consigli: Phisically fit, minimum height 170 cm. Costume rental required - €55, to be paid cash, on site.

Altri membri del gruppo: Delta Force Operators Lt. Julian Pitman ('Snake') (12 ) interpretato da PelleJ; Sgt. 1st Class Nathan D. White ('Payback') (14 ) interpretato da BenediktD; Sgt. Jordan 'J' O'Neill (31 ) interpretato da JustineJ; Sgt. Maj. Timothy M. Conneway ('CowBoy') (13 ) interpretato da MassimilianoM;