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Chris Whitaker, The general store assistant - #71

Chris Whitaker
#71 - The general store assistant (età 27 or less)

Personaggio de [ character for ] Black Friday 2 - international run - Interpretato da [ played by ]: K. F.

Note del giocatore: [ player's notes ]

Motto: How do you manage to live cut off from the world for months? Ever watched a horror movie? Hell, they are always set in places like this!
Gruppo: [ group ] Office Workers
Teaser: Since her parents died in a car accident she joined her older brother Peter in the remote Liberty Town, and she had to adapt her lifestyle accordingly. Her brother manages the only general store of a mining company town, which is a place far away from the comforts of modern life and lacks a web connection, entertainment and every other basic activity a young woman would call fun. While Pete likes this life and this town, Chris is struggling to adapt. Maybe that's because the mourning still weighs heavily upon her, despite the mature attitude she shows in public.

Legami: [ Relations ] Pete is her older brother, the last living member of his family. In Liberty Town she made few close friends, and the most significant is Morgan Burton, the head of security, with whom she exchanges novels and reading tips. She also likes to chat with Alex Foster and tried to make friends with John Galt, as she always liked discreet persons.

Provenienza: [ Origin ] Liberty Town Personnel - Razza: [ race ] - Sesso: [ sex ] femmina - Età del giocatore: [ player's age ] 27 or less - Consigli: [ advices ] - Archetipi: [ archetypes ] ,

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