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Fazione [ Faction ] Ashore larp. Include i gruppi [ includes sub-groups: ]: The Pressgang - The Interlopers - Brethren of the Coast - -nuovi personaggi
Fazione [ Faction ] On board larp. Include i gruppi [ includes sub-groups: ]: The Glorious Expedition - Rapscallions and Scallywags - Scourges of the Seven Seas

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Ashore larp

The Pressgang

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Doubloons are like dreams. They sparkle when you meet them for the first time, they slip through your fingers when you try to grab them. Money, in these parts, makes men. And the only law that exists is that of the strongest. That law, they know it well. Success. Power. Wealth. Do you know the say: there is always a bigger fish? They are that fish. The table is hot. Their hand is always the winning one. They make the rules and drive the game. If I were you, I would not bet against them. Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen. And may God help you...
Moses William Hackley ''The Storm of Change''
#41 - The New Governor of The Leeward Islands (età Young)
F. Hackley ''The Great Traitor''
#42 - The Former Governor of The Leeward Islands (età Mature)
Moxo ''Dunce''
#43 - The Hackleys' Armed Guard (età Any)
S. Olivier ''Snip''
#44 - The Eager Surgeon (età Any)
Georgette-Marie-Françoise Montfort ''The Slaver''
#45 - The Infamous Landowner (età Any)
Thomas Pickett ''Grinny''
#46 - The Resentful Buccaneer (età Any)
L. Arrington ''The Witchfinder''
#48 - The Attorney General (età Mature)
William Stafford ''Les Goddams''
#49 - The Vicious Sergeant (età Any)
G. Truman ''The Gracious''
#50 - The Debonair Private (età Any)
S. Tanned ''Hawk''
#51 - The Tough Private (età Any)
Juan Vidal Lope De Vega ''Puño de Hierro''
#52 - The Governor of Trinidad (età Any)
B. Guadarrama ''Mad Hat''
#53 - The Brutish Buccaneer (età Any)

The Interlopers

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If you want to cheat when gambling, it's simple: make sure you're the smartest at the table. I lifted the mug, gingerly, hands slightly quivering, an air of concern, uncovering the dice. Four sixes. Without even cheating. I'd get the whole stakes. Money, rum, and fuck it. Far from it, a different thrill. Of steel on my skin, like the wind on your back in Winter. Four sixes. Obviously. Someone had messed with my dice. The voice beside me was also cold and calm; a golden tooth, the dagger firmly held. I'd made two big mistakes: first mentioning the pearls; then upping the ante. And at my side someone seemed able to outdo my four sixes… With the blade that had made its way into my shirt, while the table fell silent. "Four sixes! By all the depths, I've never seen anyone as lucky as you!" It sounded like a snake's voice. A new shiver, while the blade pushed. "One would almost think you were cheating!" Four sixes. And four people at my table, staring at me. I'd been screwed over.
Paulo Delgado ''Dinheiro''
#69 - The Tavern Keeper (età Any)
Onfroi Clairmont ''The Repentant''
#70 - The Shore Hermit (età Any)
Elizabeth Van Der Vaart ''Fable''
#71 - The Whimsical Tavern Worker (età Any)
I. Arista ''The Monk''
#72 - The Libertarian Dominican (età Any)
Nicholas De Blac ''The Gold Eater''
#73 - The Immoral Merchant (età Any)
Achagua ''The Healer''
#74 - The Medicine Man (età Any)
Concha ''The Apprentice''
#75 - The Fresh-faced Rascal (età Any)
Viktor Thos ''Wry Mouth''
#76 - The Incorrigible Tavern Worker (età Any)
B. Durand ''Le Bijou''
#77 - The Brave Captain (età Any)
L. Quinn ''Quick''
#78 - The Lone Gunslinger (età Any)
Hester. Eering ''Geld''
#79 - The Scrupulous Banker (età Any)
Talia Haynes ''The Naturalist''
#80 - The Skeptical Savant (età Any)
Coralie Du Jardin ''Le Renard''
#83 - The Dominican Adventurer (età Any)

Brethren of the Coast

Mostra/nascondi descrizione del gruppo [ toggle group description ]

Sometimes I ask myself, especially when the flame has consumed the candle almost all the way through and nothing remains but the darkness to keep me company - would I do what I did? Then I close my eyes and see the houses, the curtains. I can see my mates. I let that dream float, but I find myself sitting at a table, with my hand trying to grasp the bottle of rhum. I hear the laughter, the voices, the noises. The feeling of just throwing yourself down somewhere, anywhere, for the sake of falling asleep under the stars. I think back to the stories I told around the fire, the hundreds of thousands of impossible and exaggerated exploits, the legends, the lies and the truths. I hear worries and dreams. The songs come back to my mind. Ideas. I open my eyes, I watch the candle go out - and I'm sure. If I could go back, I would do everything I did. I would dive right back into the rhum without hesitation, I would let myself be kissed by every adventure, by the sound of a shooting gun. I would smile in front of a drawn sword and an abandoned bottle. Every choice, every decision, every adventure. Everything I did led me here and now. The bottle is empty. I'm drunk. Welcome to Frigate Bay.
N. Solomon ''The Weird''
#54 - The Loony Doctor (età Any)
Vincent Gaston ''Le Coup de Foudre''
#55 - The Energic Quartermaster (età Young)
Alberto Aloysius Jennings ''Barrel''
#56 - The Old Drunken Buccaneer (età Mature)
Bóinn Larkin ''Bog-Trotter''
#57 - The Unwary Buccaneer (età Any)
Anabela Gabel ''The Rookie''
#58 - The Dauntless Cabin Aide (età Any)
F. De Garay ''The Treasurer''
#59 - The Troubled Accountant (età Young)
Old Soul ''The Ex-Royalist''
#60 - The Half-blind Master Gunner (età Mature)
S. Vilar ''The Go-To Person''
#62 - The Careful Botswain (età Any)
Oualichi ''Wise Eyes''
#63 - The Beloved Sailing Master (età Young)
E. Silveira ''Céu''
#64 - The Acute Master of The Top (età Any)
Rosario ''The Crook''
#65 - The Sailing Master's Mate (età Any)
Goachiro ''Shadow''
#66 - The Native Blacksmith (età Any)
Toni ''The Escape Artist''
#67 - The Unpredictable Gunner (età Any)
Josè Maria ''The Con Artist''
#68 - The Captivating Carpenter (età Any)
E. Castillero ''The Spanish''
#81 - The Master Mariner (età Any)
M. Langlois ''The French''
#82 - The Sail Maker (età Any)

-nuovi personaggi

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On board larp

The Glorious Expedition

Mostra/nascondi descrizione del gruppo [ toggle group description ]

The telescope pointed fiercely towards the sea. It furrowed the horizon, timeless, scanning every corner. The sky was blue, the wind pleasant and constant, friendly. Everything was going well, the ship was moving firmly between the foam, to challenge destiny. Days had passed since they had left Kingston. A flicker in his eyes, a smile to set the lookout's lips on fire. The shore. So the information was correct. "Land on the horizon!" Silence exploded in agitation. As gunpowder that is ignited, and starts to crackle, so the ship resumed life. Everyone leant out of the parapet, looking for the shore. When the captain took the telescope from the lookout, there was a silence full of expectation. Then he closed it, with a familiar gesture, dry, the voice a sentence: "Gentlemen, everyone in their place! It’s our moment!”
Reuben L. Wakefield ''The Landlord''
#1 - The Governor Of Bermuda (età Any)
Buckhand ''The Boss''
#2 - The Fearsome Captain (età Mature)
Count François D'Armagnac ''The Noble Adventurer''
#3 - The Governor Of Saint Domingue (età Any)
Paxton Lewis ''The Wolf''
#4 - The Practiced Buccaneer (età Any)
Vicente Javier De Cartagena y Navarro ''The Watcher''
#5 - The Inquisitor General (età Any)
Abarne Jasso ''The Allegiant''
#6 - The Inquisitor's Armed Familiar (età Any)
Perrine Armourier ''Rifle''
#7 - The Torn Buccaneer (età Any)

Rapscallions and Scallywags

Mostra/nascondi descrizione del gruppo [ toggle group description ]

Why do I do it? I do wonder myself, very often. Maybe because there are no alternatives. It's the sea or the gallows. Or worse. Maybe because I fear the chains, perhaps I've known them, I still carry their marks on my wrists and heart. Maybe because I hate them. Those fat and rich men who squander their money while my family starves. So close to them. Maybe because there is someone on the shore waiting for my return. Maybe because I can not go back empty-handed. Maybe I do it because it's the only way I can protect someone. There are a thousand reasons to do what I do. The reason that pushes me every day to scorch my face under a burning sun. The answer that comes only at night, when I'm alone at the helm, staring at a pitch-black sea. Why do I do it? Because this black and boundless expanse is my home. This piece of wood and yarn, of sailors and sails, is all I need to be able to yell to the world what freedom means.
Jeremiah Gordon ''The Scot''
#8 - The Bold Captain (età Any)
Carlos Morales ''The Bewitched''
#9 - The Amoral Helmsman (età Any)
Virgil O' Neal ''Spud''
#10 - The Drunken Surgeon (età Any)
R. Adam ''The Fixer''
#11 - The Loosey Goosey Mariner (età Any)
Willow ''The Trainee''
#12 - The Surgeon's Mate (età Any)
H. Deken ''The Lord''
#13 - The Severe Captain (età Any)
Dominique ''Squirrel''
#14 - The Dreamer Cabin Aide (età Young)
Walter Korte ''The Cartographer''
#15 - The Gloomy Sailing Master (età Any)
A. Jansen ''The Dutch''
#16 - The Inflexible Gunner (età Any)
Paumarì ''Lizard''
#18 - The Savage Midshipman (età Any)
Gene Timmons ''Paddy''
#19 - The Attentive Quartermaster (età Any)
Micheal Brady ''Mick''
#20 - The Wary Mariner (età Any)
F. Talby ''Snake''
#21 - The Perfid Carpenter (età Any)
Belle Norwood ''The Joker''
#22 - The Unpleasant Coxswain (età Any)
Karlos Diego Salazar ''Nail Leg''
#23 - The Strong Gunner (età Any)
Hans Paulsen ''Klippe''
#24 - The Vigorous Gunsmith (età Any)
Ulysses Verker ''Geluk''
#25 - The Selfmade Helmsman (età Any)
Carl Meyer [NPC]
#91 - The Doubtful Cabin Aide
Angus Baxter [NPC]
#92 - the clever gunner

Scourges of the Seven Seas

Mostra/nascondi descrizione del gruppo [ toggle group description ]

The sound of a bone breaking is more or less the sound of a snapping branch. Only thing, the screams con fill your ears and make your heart bleed. Mine beats fast when they start to scream. “Don’t send dogs to do a wolf’s job,” always says the Captain, and he is the biggest wolf here, with his sinister sneer. We return to our ship, we load the guns, we clean the swords. There’s silence now. We leave this leaky bucket behind us, like many before it. Eyes to the horizon, the flag waves high in the sky. Black. Never look back. That’s who we are. And we like who we are.
Jonas Drake Conrad ''Legend of The Seas''
#26 - The Pitiless Captain (età Any)
Una Deloix ''Cleaver''
#27 - The Boastful Butcher (età Any)
Emilio Cardoso ''The Portoguese''
#28 - The Greedy Buccaneer (età Any)
Fabio Rinaldo ''The Italian''
#31 - The Axe Master (età Any)
Daag. Holst ''The Danish''
#32 - The Ship Master (età Any)
Adrian Rampersad ''Gaudy''
#33 - The Intemperate Botswain (età Any)
L. Bloom ''Rage''
#34 - The Idealist Blacksmith (età Any)
V. Bradbury ''The Black Waves Prophet''
#36 - The Ardent Rigger (età Any)
Evelyn Royce ''Dice''
#37 - The Perky Master of The Tops (età Any)
Roger Quigley ''The Moneychanger''
#38 - The Sleazy Accountant (età Any)
Daniela Flores ''Spider''
#40 - The Restless Master Gunner (età Any)
Ennio Morisco [NPC]
#90 - - The hand of God

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