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Finora si sono iscritte 123 persone, tra cui: 45 Sostenitori e 17 che non hanno mai giocato con noi! (e 17 organizzatori) Grazie a tutti!

Personaggi assegnati

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Nome (106) sesso, proven.giocat.
A. Salomon, The friendly supporter (1)unisex, m. d.
Bubi Donovan, The station's lazy conspiracy nut (2)unisex, N. P.
Jonathan Lagos, The penitent (3)unisex, A. A.
Hotaka Berg, The dull hard working miner (4)unisex, R. A.
Jamal Kowalski, The competent mining shift leader (5)unisex, F. G.
Syria Maathai, The martian environmentalist (6)unisex, C. F.
Toshi Gabrys, The weirdo lab geek (7)unisex, A. R.
Barbara Faulkner, The miracle worker with a bad reputation (8)unisex, B. C.
Fuji Kohler, A bartender who paid dearly for past mistakes (9)unisex, A. A.
Tychelle Szyslack, The underground immoral boss (10)unisex, F. R.
Augustus Kassad, The boxer fighting for a future (11)unisex, C. B.
Gillian Vega, The most requested hooker (12)unisex, F. F.
Walter Pavlov, The Bossy "Chef" (13)unisex, E. B.
Samsara Zogby, The wannabe (14)unisex, C. M.
Kenneth Ishida, The determined widowed belter (15)unisex, A. F.
Jaden Rahal, The ex cop who misses the old job (16)unisex, M. R.
Eliodoro Kalu, The good hearted food distributor. (17)unisex, D. D.
Rhadamanthys Anders, The vengeful, scarred, operator (18)unisex, M. M.
Lance Ibanez, The snappy radio operator (19)unisex, D. P.
Gareth Caron, The former marine haunted by the past (20)unisex, E. R.
Xandra Nowak, The enthusiastic rookie (21)unisex, G. T.
Z. Ortega, The old fox (22)unisex, P. Z.
Lionel Frost, The brainy and racist cop (23)unisex, L. B.
Nigel Eweli, An old hunter about to hung up the guns (24)unisex, M. C.
Leeroy Guzman, The resourceful self-taught engineer (25)unisex, F. F.
Isaak Cheng, The stiff-ass Martian (26)unisex, p. b.
Dwayne Cruz, The tough one (27)unisex, V. B.
Bogdan Stella, The all-addiction addict (28)unisex, A. I.
W. Claymore, The unforgiving Team Leader (29)unisex, A. B.
Emerson Linder, The Earther supporting Belters rights (30)unisex, A. M.
Alexander Valdemar, The troubled manager (31)unisex, L. V.
Kimberly Soyinka, The vengeful "Well-Wala" (32)unisex, V. B.
Fyodor Rozovsky, The old-school experienced diplomat (33)unisex, M. T.
Ultar Nyman, The watchdog (34)unisex, G. T.
Gideon Elliot, A harsh self-made scientist (35)unisex, M. P.
Ananke Higashi, The dutiful Martian (36)unisex, V. D.
Nikolay Vodyakin, A scientist who carries an heavy burden (37)unisex, A. R.
Cassius Dove, The hound from Mars (38)unisex, L. L.
Myra Gresset, The charming son of a bitch (39)unisex, C. C.
C. Gavras, The regretful one (40)unisex, G. G.
Felicity Roux, A random passenger unaware of consequences (41)unisex, F. C.
Loop Hume, The Muscle (42)unisex, D. D.
Romeus "Rom" Jensen, The caring one (43)unisex, T. L.
Astrid Wolf, The weird scientist (44)unisex, E. c.
Thomas Aki, The special one (45)unisex, G. F.
Isaak Nagata, The overwhelming remorse (46)unisex, M. S.
Freya Keller, The Second Best (47)unisex, G. T.
Noel Leon, The Mirror (48)unisex, A. C.
Drago Whedon, The selfish "Captain" (49)unisex, F. d.
Patrick Okita, The gossip hub (50)unisex, S. D.
Gabriel Woo, The Ace of Spades (51)unisex, L. G.
Xenon Luna, The hateful technician (52)unisex, M. F.
Misha Raisin, The empathetic, chatty radar operator (53)unisex, v. b.
Trinity Kwan, The troubled operator (54)unisex, G. W.
M. Campbell, The bright-eyed young farmer (55)unisex, A. Z.
Kaspar Vasiliev, The weird genius (56)unisex, C. C.
Nova Zarani, The inexperienced young farmer (57)unisex, G. S.
Bellator Moses, The Warden (58)unisex, F. S.
Marcus Raven, The cynical guard (59)unisex, G. C.
Seth Lee, The Atoner (60)unisex, V. C.
Masoud Guerrero, The Crusader (61)unisex, A. T.
Paul Mackinney, The rabid faithful dog (62)unisex, M. Z.
Galena Perrin, The spoiled Earther "royal" (63)unisex, S. C.
Nathan Castillo, The strong captain (64)unisex, F. C.
Alice Russo, The former doctor without borders (65)unisex, I. Z.
Bartholomew Petit, The scientist supremacist (66)unisex, V. M.
Keith Suri, The idealist (67)unisex, S. M.
Hercule Leandros, The patronizing and wise captain (68)unisex, M. M.
Fobos Miambo, The preacher with rotten roots (69)unisex, M. D.
P. Leittmann, The clever and nosy smart ass (70)unisex, P. R.
D. Constantin, The respected doctor (71)unisex, A. M.
Jupiter Zarani, The self-righteous sassmaster (72)unisex, F. V.
Samira Weintraub, Someone who's looking for answers (73)unisex, V. P.
L. Madaki, Unadapted to Icarus (74)unisex, A. Z.
Pavel Sun, The Void (75)unisex, P. M.
Cain Silva, The scarred vengeful Earther (76)unisex, R. C.
Hellen Agarwal, The proud miner (77)unisex, G. P.
V. Connor, The meek and weak scientist (78)unisex, A. P.
Votan Echo, The disenchanted OPA activist (79)unisex, F. P.
Richard Laing, The visionary chief scientist (80)unisex, C. M.
Dylan Van Dez, The broken one (81)unisex, P. B.
Z. Adeyemi, The stalker (82)unisex, M. F.
Fredrick Iris, The positive flower child (83)unisex, L. B.
Natsumi Scott, The ill-fated lazy ass. (84)unisex, M. B.
Fujimaro Nasser, The rehabilitated convict (85)unisex, A. D.
Urania Moses, The lovely food lab boss (86)unisex, C. M.
Leone Waybourne, A gloomy cook who wants to be elsewhere (87)unisex, G. M.
Takashi Stiegsen, A frustrated survivalist and nutrition expert (88)unisex, M. W.
Logan Yu, The winking bartender (89)unisex, E. B.
Franklin Ortega, The smirky bartender (90)unisex, E. D.
S. Pan, The nonjudgmental Belter (91)unisex, V. P.
P. Demeter, The loyal boss (92)unisex, M. M.
Sasha Moretti, The doubtful engineer (93)unisex, M. G.
Angus Balas, The voice of the people (94)unisex, F. F.
Lovary Hunt, The skilled, cool headed engineer (95)unisex, E. P.
Carlos Hayfeld, An embittered engineer who bears an old grudge (96)unisex, M. M.
Diana "Dee" Baz, The Hermit (97)unisex, T. B.
Jinn Espera, The honourable Gunnery Seargent (98)unisex, M. M.
V. Vazquez, The marine on first mission (99)unisex, A. V.
A. Colbert, The flirty and open marine (100)unisex, E. R.
D. Myeong, The Warlock (101)unisex, L. S.
Tharsis Makimura , The frenetic, outspoken, obscenity-spouting Marine (102)unisex, A. Z.
Sol Sobotka, The troubled veteran (103)unisex, M. C.
Noel Gallo, The Face of the Company (104)unisex, L. M.
Ryan Shadid, The Torchbearer (105)unisex, M. S.
Lucius Kenzo, The Half-Blood Prince (106)unisex, G. N.

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